Friday, 12 October 2007

Lakeview Lunch, Toronto, ON

Gord and I ran a couple errands this morning and then had brunch at the Lakeview Lunch (Dundas W/Ossington).

It has been about six years since I'd been there. At that time, they had just renovated (after being closed for many years) and it was fairly funky. Gord had never been and wanted to check it out.

The food was good and cheap. But Gord ordered corned beef hash ... the toast had to be a couple hours old (cold and hard). And I ordered a mozza bacon burger ... there was no bacon. There were remnants of cheddar on the burger so I'm assuming they realized their mistake, pulled the cheddar off along with the bacon and replaced it with mozzarella.

The waitress was busy so we didn't bother complaining. I mentioned the lack of bacon when the bill came and she kept saying, "But it's the same price." Huh?!

So go if you are looking for good cheap food ... but leave your expectations at home.


Unknown said...

Cheap is okay, but I'd rather have good food. Sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience.

Diana Swallow said...

I think all towns have a place like that...sometimes I think I should thank them because I've learned to be a better cook because of places like that.

Isabel said...

That sucks about the food. Now you know not to go back.