Saturday, 20 October 2007

Book ~ "Tattoo Blues" - Michael McClelland (2005)

From ~ Tattoo Blues is a rollicking and playful comic-mystery, featuring runaway rich kid, Desiree Dean, who discovers her prized tattoo is a fraud - the Chinese character etched on her left breast says "with hot sauce", not "golden dragon" - and goes after the artist, and in the resulting confrontation accidentally, sets his tattoo parlor ablaze. That results in a mysterious explosion that destroys the parlor and leaves the injured Desiree in the care of a lesbian clam pirate and turns the sleepy Florida Gulf Coast fishing village of Cedar Key upside down.

This book grabbed me right from the start ... I liked the fast funny pace and odd characters. Then it fell apart towards the end, got predictable and wrapped up very quickly.

Still, I'd give the author another chance and will look for other books by him.

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