Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Book ~ "When All You Have is Hope" - Frank O'Dea (2007)

From Chapters.Indigo.ca ~ For entrepreneur Frank O’Dea, it was a long road from street life to the high life. Born in Montreal to an upper-middle-class family, Frank’s life took a downturn as a young man when he was sexually assaulted by a priest. He began drinking at an early age, smashing up 17 cars. Soon he was destitute, living in degradation on the streets of Toronto. By way of a sympathetic employer and the Salvation Army, O’Dea quit drinking and started a small business that developed into the Second Cup coffee chain. Over the years, his philanthropic activities extended to AIDS fundraising, child literacy in the Third World, and landmine removal. His message is simple: HOPE, VISION, ACTION.

Interesting and honest story of how O'Dea realized he had to straighten out. He then went on to achieve so much. It's a quick read and not too heavy.

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Freader said...

This is a super book. It's like you are right there, with his failures and his successes. It is an inspiring story.