Thursday 5 July 2007

Digital Camera Basics 2 Workshop

I did the Digital Camera Basics 2 Workshop at Henry's tonight.

You understand the basics behind pixels and resolution. You’ve learned the essentials of good focusing. You’re also getting a good snapshot here and there using your camera’s trusty automatic modes. But now it’s time to take the next step towards taking better pictures. For owners of most ‘super zoom’ and other advanced compact digital cameras, this workshop will not only teach you how to make use of the advanced features on your camera, but also train your eye to bring together the key elements of effective composition and lighting.

Another good workshop, though more confusing because we learned about shutter speeds and aperture and how/when to use them ... something I could never understand. Definitely lots to remember. I've got to be brave and get away from the automatic functions and try out what I learned!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like EXACTLY the kind of class I need. I'm a point and click kind of girl, and I know my camera can do much more!

Anonymous said...

Your such a clever girl Teean! I'm looking forward to new pics from you:-)

Isabel said...

Like Kai, I'm a point and click girl. What does aperture mean?