Wednesday 4 July 2007

Digital Camera Basics 1 Workshop

Since I bought a new camera last week, I thought I'd take some workshops to find out how to use the functions on it and use them effectively.

So tonight I did a Digital Camera Basics 1 Workshop at Henry's School of Imaging:

An essential program for the newcomer to digital photography. Get caught up and learn the essentials on pixels, resolution and other factors that affect picture quality. We’ll also add in a number of tips on focusing, using your flash and other key features so you can start getting great results with your new digital camera.

I was expecting it to be kinda lame. But it wasn't ... it was excellent! I learned so much! Definitely worth three hours of my time (for only $60)!

When I got there, I discovered a woman I work with was in the workshop too! What a coincidence! And then I discovered a fella I used to work with at my last job was in the workshop too (though he realized halfway through that he was in the wrong workshop and should be in the one down the hall). But how weird is that??!!


Blog said...

I'm so impressed with you and your course-taking. I never even look at the manuals for these things!

Jay said...

It's an itty-bitty world sometimes.

Isabel said...

I just look at the book and wing it. But I have a simple camera. :)

tommie said...

I would love to take a class...but until hubby gets back, it just isn't happening!