Friday, 27 July 2007

Dark Horse Pub, Toronto, ON

I met some friends tonight at the Dark Horse Pub in Bloor West Village (Bloor W/Jane) tonight. Lots of fun! Lots of laughs!

I've known Angie since 2001 when I joined Girls' Night Out Club, a women's social group she started. I met the other gals through the club. Coincidentally Darlene moved into my 'hood last month (and I've run into her about five times!).
Chris, Angie, me, Yvonne and Darlene

Darlene, Ian (a friend of Chris') and Chris

Rob (Angie's boyfriend), Angie and Yvonne 

Yvonne, Sue and I

Frank (Chris' boyfriend) and Chris 

Rob and Angie


Anonymous said...

Dark Horse Pub really looks like a fun place!I guess any places would have been fun with these friends though:-)

Jodi_Lee said...

You are always doing such fun things!! You are the epitome of living the "good life" to me. :)