Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Sunnyside Beach, Toronto, ON

When Gord dropped me off at Beata's on Saturday, we were struck by what a beautiful view there was from her new 'hood.

So today we caught the Queen streetcar to Humber Bay. We took a couple small bottles of wine with us and sat on the rocks.

Downtown Toronto
(it was very hot and hazy today)

Lots of birds ... swans, geese and ducks



Gord on the rocks where we sat

A goose bum

More goose bums

We'd sat on the far pile of rocks

Then we walked east to Sunnyside Cafe and sat on the patio for a couple hours.

There's Gord at our table

My beer tasted very good after the long hot walk 

Look how far we'd walked
(from the left side of those buildings)

We had supper at the Cafe.

I had Cajun fettucini with chicken and tomatoes ...
It was very good!

Gord had a chicken wrap and fries ... he enjoyed it.

And look who walked by on her way home from work ... Beata!
So she stopped and had a drink with us

It was fun watching the beach volleyball league and dragon boats

And then we walked home.


Unknown said...

What a great place for a walk, and the wine sounds good too. :-)

Isabel said...

The fettucini looks really good. Looks like the perfect day for a walk.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect afternoon. It is beautiful there - and time for a snack after seeing that food.