Saturday, 28 July 2007

Beata's Condo-warming

Beata moved into her condo two months ago and invited the Boxing Babes over to check it out. Beata's condo is very cute. Her building is right on the Lake.

I met Beata through Yvette. Yvette was my trainer at the gym in 2004. Then I took her boxing classes for a couple years. Beata, Susan, Shawna and Trish also took her classes. Now we get together every month or so for supper.

Beata in her kitchen

Beata and Susan

Yvette and Shawna "the Shark"

Beata and "Tombstone" Trish

Trish, Jen (Susan's friend), Susan, Shawna and Beata
Teena and Yvette

The Boxing Babes
Beata, Shawna, Trish and Susan
Yvette and Teena


B said...

nice place- I am searching for a place downtown it ain't easy!

Spicy said...

Lovely group of friends you have! Nothing as nice as getting together with the girls! Enjoy!