Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Fish Philosophy

I've been thinking lately about the Fish philosophy.

I read the books a couple years ago so went to their website today to be reminded of the four simple practices.

The last one is my favourite!


Trish said...

These are great Teena!

Isabel said...

I like the last one too. :) The fish video is the one about the fish market in seattle right? I had to watch those. The only videos I enjoyed watching at work.

Wendy said...

Good advice...they're really good reminders!

Griff Wigley said...

Hi Teena,

Glad to hear you got a boost from visiting our website. Stop by our new FISH! Philosophy Network when you get a chance. We're launching it this summer and looking for FISH! fans to help us.


PS - I got a Google Alert on your blog post!

Griff Wigley

Manager, FISH! Philosophy Network