Sunday, 29 July 2007

Book ~ "Dirty Laundry" - Tori Carrington (2007)

From ~ Five months have passed since Sofie Metropolis caught her would-be husband, "Thomas-the-Toad," flagrante delicto with her maid of honor on their wedding day. In this cute if predictable sequel, the zany Greek-American from Astoria, Queens, is a PI-in-training, working on mundane cases for her uncle Spyros's investigative agency. When Apostolis Pappas (aka Uncle Tolly), the popular elderly owner of the neighborhood dry cleaners, goes missing, Sofie jumps at the chance to find him. The only catch is Uncle Tolly might have been laundering money for a sexy Italian mobster. Carrington (nom de plume for a Greek-American husband-and-wife writing team) depicts Sofie's world with the nutty sweetness of baklava. With the focus on fun rather than blood, this chick-lite mystery further develops Sophie's relationship with Jake Porter, the handy but possibly dangerous Aussie bounty hunter, who adds just the right amount of delectable sexual tension to this crime confection.

This novel reminds me of a Stephanie Plum wannabe. There are lots of similaries but this series is lamer. It was okay but didn't have the same fun as Evanovich's series. The mystery was solved at the end but it wasn't really a mystery, no big deal.

Would I recommend it? Yes, if you have nothing else to read.

As Sophie is Greek, I found I had a craving for Greek food the last couple of days so satisfied that tonight by getting takeout from a local Greek restaurant.

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Pandora in Congo - a book you should read - 'cause of you metier as a marketing communicator.

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