Saturday, 14 July 2007

Parkdale Festival, Toronto, ON

Gord had to have his equipment checked for tomorrow's fencing tournament so headed up to do that around noontime.

I walked over to Parkdale to return some library books. The Parkdale Festival is happening this weekend so I checked out the craft tables. They'd shut down part of Cowan Avenue for the vendors.

There is also a beer tent with entertainment today and tomorrow.

I was getting hungry so had a roti at Bacchus Roti Shop at Cowan/Queen W.

My boneless chicken roti

The roti was okay but I much refer the ones at Island Foods (Dufferin/King W). The bikes in front belong to two guys who were sitting at the window table drinking Corona beer into which they'd dumped packages of salt. I found that strange.

It started raining while I was eating ... alas, shutting down the festival.


naturaepretender said...

roti is bread in malay language.

looks delicious...

Isabel said...

Mmm that looks yummy. Don't believe I've had on before. Sucks the rain shut down the festival. Send some rain my way!