Monday, 23 July 2007

Toronto Blue Jays 6, Minnesota Twins 4

When Gord and I started our subscription to the Toronto Star last month, they sent us a couple of Blue Jays tix for tonight. Gotta love free ball tix!

The seats were good ... we were in the 100 section, just past first base. There were quite a few foul balls out way. Scary! Here's the view from our seats:

Here's Vernon Wells ...

And Frank Thomas just before he hit his first homerun of the night (he hit two) ... btw, I was experimenting with the lighting functions on my camera so that's why the colour in these pix look different.

#502 of his career!

The CN Tower from our seats ... oh oh, looks like rain!

So they closed the roof. Here's the start of the closing. It didn't end up raining after all.

There's Gord in his seat! What a fan ... he's got a Jays' shirt and cap!

And here's the CN Tower after the game (I need a tripod so I can get a better picture).


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I love these pictures of the Stadium...Amazing that they can close the top! It is really something to know that you never have to be "rained out"!
Your camera looks like it takes good pictures...Of Course, YOU are taking the picture, but you know wjat I feel like I was there in the seats, with you and Gord!

B said...

Hey Teena- go have a beer on me LOL!!!

B said...

lol- better to say for me!

Isabel said...

Love the last picture. It looks cool!

Dawn said...

i didn't know they did that to the cn tower at night. shows how much i'm in toronto at night time-lol.

looks like you 2 had a great time!