Wednesday 25 April 2007

Book ~ "My Sister, My Self" - Vikki Stark (2006)

From ~ Discover the unexpected ways that being a sister affects your life choices. Whether your sister relationship was close, conflicted, or somewhere in between, that childhood bond shaped the woman you are today. Having grown up as an older, younger, middle, or twin sister influences your choice of occupation, your circle of friends, your love life - even how you feel about your own body. My Sister, My Self provides you with powerful tools to come to terms with a challenging sister relationship, make sense of your need to depend on or control others, recognize how your sister role influences your interactions with friends and colleagues and understand the sister role you've played since childhood.

I've been interested in birth order for many years (I'm a first born) and this had an interesting twist as it dealt just with sisters.

I can see a lot of myself in the older sisters and I can see a lot of Sister Sarah in the younger sisters the author interviewed.

It used to drive me nuts when I would want to go outside to play with my friends and my mother would tell me to take my brother and Sister Sarah out with me. How uncool is it for a ten-year-old to have her seven-year-old brother and four-year-old brother with her?! So I wouldn't go out! Or when I would have to cancel a babysitting job where I'd make some needed $$ because I had to stay home to take care of my brother and sister for no $$. It wasn't fair.

So it's a good book for anyone who is thinking about having kids so you don't make a lot of the mistakes the parents of the sisters in the book did.

Though I didn't think it all the time, I know now that I have the best sister in the world!

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