Saturday 7 April 2007

GQ Spa, Toronto, ON

For our birthdays, rather than buying something, we treat each other to the spa. So to celebrate Gord's birthday, I took him to GQ Spa, which is in our neighbourhood.

We had the Couple's Paradise package:
They let us bring a bottle of bubbly to drink during our pedicure. We brought the bottle my friend, Yvette, had given Gord a bottle for his birthday.


Blog said...

What a moron I've been! I didn't realize you'd written anything new because your Kids Help post is at the top still! Look at all I've missed!

Great idea taking Gord to the spa! Cute pic! Happy Birthday Gord!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gord, it's a very good look on you. I don't think you should wait til your next b-day to do this again! ;)

Happy Birthday and Spa Day!

Isabel said...

Looks very relaxing.

Anonymous said...

What perfect timing, it's my hubby's birthday at the end od April, I am going to book us a weekend in TO and have that as part of the trip!

Unknown said...

This looks like a very nice spa. You two must have had a great time there. The bubbly is the perfect touch at the end! Hope Gord had a great time for his birthday.