Monday 16 April 2007

Book ~ "The Vice-Busting Diet" - Julia Griggs Havey (2006)

From ~ Havey was once a self-described "290-pound unhappy single mother." Now she's 130 pounds lighter, weight loss she has maintained for a decade, and married. Havey shares her own breaking point ... the time at which she realized "Deprivation is not living without certain foods but living with them and being deprived of your true health and happiness!" The key to adopting a healthier lifestyle and a healthier life is the recognition and eradication (busting) of vices that are getting in the way of weight loss. The most common ones are soft drinks, fast food and television. The book offers strategies, affirmations and action plans for eradicating the negative influences of these bad habits. The book's centerpiece is a 12-week plan with specific, manageable goals for each step. An exercise plan and healthy recipes round out this straightforward though simplistic plan for lifestyle change.

This is a great book for someone who has never dieted before and needs someone to take them by the hand.

Here's the weekly plan ... Week:
  1. Consume water
  2. Replace your vice with a healthy substitute
  3. Exercise instead of/before watching TV
  4. Visualize a healthy future
  5. Add a fruit or vegetable to your daily diet
  6. Increase the days and/or time for exercise
  7. Increase your daily fibre intake
  8. Clean and organize your kitchen and home
  9. Add a daily supplement
  10. Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast
  11. Eat a healthy and high-energy lunch
  12. Eat a small healthy supper
I found the book very basic and I didn't learn anything new.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great book.

RennyBA said...

Great health advices and if we adults walk this talk, maybe our children will adapt more healthy way of living too!
Btw: regarding #3: Does this goes for before using the computer too? ;-)

Lynn said...

It is great that you had a fun weekend. I am not sure why you were confused about my posts, but that is ok. I had missed your weekend posts.
I feel like I am playing blog catch up these days.

Nice to know you were up my way this weekend.

Lee Nutter said...

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