Thursday, 19 April 2007

Book ~ "The Dog Rules: (Damn Near Everything)" (2003) William J. Thomas

From ~ Comical experiences are chronicled with campy, intermittent "The Dog Rules" lists. Thomas and his canine pal, Jake's adventures started the day the duo drove from the doggie foster home to set up housekeeping near Toronto. Jake slyly encroached upon the author's turf. With intentions of harmonious cohabitation, Thomas exercised his people power and writing ability by creating rules for every occasion. They came in batches of 10, but realistic contradictions occurred after the second rule until the dog assumed the upper paw. For instance, topping The Dog Rules as They Apply to the Family Car list is ... "Dogs are not allowed to travel in motorized vehicles. Period." The second rule is a bit relenting ... "Okay, a seeing-eye dog is allowed to travel in a vehicle with its owner provided that the owner is not the operator of the said vehicle." By number 10, resolve is shot, humor reigns and the dog rules ... "Okay, the dog can drive at night by himself but not if he's been drinking. No way. That's against the law." Black-and-white cartoons scattered throughout the book punctuate the absurdity of the author/artist's attempt to be a master. A quick and fun read for those who are true pet lovers and who appreciate witty storytelling.

As the review said, it is a quick read. It's very cute too and the stories are funny to read about his adventures with Jake.

I'll definitely read more by this author (he has others about cats).

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