Monday 9 April 2007

Toronto Blue Jays 9, Kansas City Royals 1

The Blue Jays home opener was tonight and Gord and I went. We had tickets in the upper level. At $9 a ticket (rather than $70 down below), we like them because you can see lots!

Toronto dominated Kansas City right from the start. We left at 10:00 ... there were still two innings to go but it was getting late and we wanted to beat the crowds.

From our seats

The bases are loaded!

It was a sellout ... over 50,000 in attendance!


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Those pictures of the stadium audience are Awesome! To see all the seats filled like that has to be thrilling, though overwhelming, too...I can understand your leaving early to avoid those crowds!
I've never been to a "Live" Baseball Game....(Not Basketball, either...) in my life...Football, yes! And something about your pictures makes me wish that I had, at some point, experienced this GREAT and wonderfulsport right there...Live---And, In Persn!

Unknown said...

That's terrific that the stadium was packed. It makes for a more exciting game, in my opinion.

RennyBA said...

So the season has started huh - good luck to you and your team!

Btw; As we where in the forest hunting the Easter Bunny Eggs last Sunday and felt the spring was in the air - you know what: it was snowing! Did you have to send it all over here from you last week? LoL

ZoeyBella said...

Looks like the Jays are off to a good start. Let's hope it stays that way. I've been thinking about seeing them when they're in New York during my trip!

Anonymous said...

Wow the season has started and just last week it snowed. lol