Sunday 15 April 2007

The Briars, Jackson's Point, ON

The Season Sisters went on our annual weekend away at the Briars (about an hour north of Toronto). This year there were 15 of us from Friday evening 'til Sunday morning.

Monica was my roommate again (for the fourth year in a row).

We stayed in a cottage called "First Tee" which is a ten minute walk to the main building.

Our home for the weekend, the First Tee
The view of Lake Simcoe from the deck of the First Tee


For supper, I had a tossed greens salad, pork chop with mashed potatoes and banana bread pudding. Very yummy!

Monica, Kate, Michelle, Maggie, Teena and Yvette
Angie, Sue, Amanda, Lisa, Vitra, Jenn, Yvonne, Pat and Jen

After supper we went back to our cottage, had a couple drinks and yakked.


We walked over to the main building for supper.

Maggie, Michelle, Kate, Yvette, Jenn and Jen
Angie, Sue, Amanda, Lisa, Monica,
Vitra, Yvonne, Pat and I
Yvette, Jenn and Jen
Maggie, Michelle and Kate
Amanda, Lisa and Monica
Angie and Sue
Vitra, Yvonne and Pat
Monica and I

Tonight for supper I had the mixed greens salad, beef tenderloin/mashed potatoes and creme brulee.

There is a dance on Saturday nights so we stayed for a couple dances.

It was mostly older couples there (so a lot of slower songs are played) but we boogied to some fast tunes.


After I got my stuff packed and loaded into Monica's car, I did the morning nature walk with Angie and Pat. Our guide, Brian, took us for a walk in the woods and took us to the river and talked about the visiting ducks.

Angie feeding the chickadees
Angie, Brian and Pat

After the walk, I sat for a while in the Tower and read.

A bunch of us met for lunch and then Monica and I headed for home.

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Unknown said...

Hey Teena, looks like you all had a fantastic time!