Sunday 22 April 2007

Book ~ "The Watchman" - Robert Crais (2007)

From ~ Joe Pike, the intriguing, enigmatic partner of L.A. PI Elvis Cole, takes center stage in this intense thriller from bestseller Crais. To pay back an old debt, Pike is coerced into protecting Larkin Barkley, a hard-partying young heiress whose life is in danger after a "wrong place wrong time" encounter that quickly escalates and spins out of control. The enemy is shadowy, violent and relentless — but the fierce, focused Pike, one of the strongest characters in modern crime fiction, is equal to the challenge. The breathless pace and rich styling are sure to appeal to readers of hard-boiled fiction in general, but since up to now Pike has mostly remained in the background, some fans of the Elvis Cole series may find the explicit picture that emerges of Pike at odds with the image they've constructed for themselves.

It's been a long while since I've read one of Crais' books. I enjoy his Elvis Cole private detective series. Joe Pike is Elvis' best friend.

It was interesting to read a story from Pike's point of view. Pike has always kept to himself for the most part. This novel allows reader to get to know more about Pike. Elvis is more humorous and outgoing and the two are a good contrast.

Would I recommend it? Yes!!


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't read many Private Eye books anymore...I always LOVED ALL of Lawrence Sanders books...but I am interested in books that take place in L.A. Does he use a lot of local places in the book? Cause I always find that kind of fun!
I will look it up on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

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