Sunday 8 April 2007

"Guys and Dolls", Stage West, Toronto, ON

Set in New York City, this romantic comedy, considered by many to be the perfect musical comedy, soars with the spirit of Broadway as it introduces us to a cast of vivid characters who have become legendary: Sasha Brown, Sky Masterson, Adelaide and Nathan Detroit. The show is sensational thanks to a hilarious, fast-paced plot and a bright, brassy, immortal musical score.

This afternoon we saw Guys and Dolls at Stage West.

It was good ... lively and funny. And, at 2.5 hours long, is a good value for your money (brunch comes with it).


Blog said...

Oooo, that's a great play! Glad you enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

that's at stage west??? i love those big productions, haven't seen one for years.