Friday 6 April 2007

Fruit Frappe Whipped Cream Soap

Sister Sarah started a fun tradition in the spring of 1997 where she and I exchange Valentine and Easter gifts.

She sent me a bunch of cool things for Easter this week. One of the best is the Pomegranate Coconut Fruit Frappe Whipped Cream Soap by Upper Canada Soap and Candle Makers.

Have you tried it?

I think it's amazing ... Gord's not as excited.

The texture is like mousse. You just need a bit and you lather your hands with it. Then you wash it off.

It smells wonderful and my hands do indeed feel "velvety smooth" afterwards.

Thanks, Sis :)


Unknown said...

Pomegranate and coconut together? Sounds delightful! Sister Sarah rocks!

Teena in Toronto said...

Yes, Lisa, she does rock :) She's my favourite sister!