Saturday 14 September 2019

The Famous Canadian Beer Run, Toronto, ON

Today I was at the fourth annual The Famous Canadian Beer Run ... I'd done it last year and it was fun.  I think I'd signed up for this one right after the last one because they sent me an email with a low price.

Forget the medal, we give you beer! 🍺 Toronto’s beer-iest 5K fun run is back! Lace up for an easy (or hard) 5-kilometre run through Ontario Place, then cross the finish line into the heart of our Craft Beer & Food Festival where you’ll be bestowed with your own custom beer stein! Afterparty with friends, great Ontario craft beer and awesome live music!

It was held on the west island of Ontario Place.

I'd signed up for the 11am start.  I got there just after 10am to pick up my bib and teeshirt.


Frances was the emcee.

With 15 minutes to go, I headed to the starting line.  

Me and some new friends!

And we were off!  There were lots of runners and walkers ... I did a brisk walk and it took me about an hour to do the 5km.  We went through the cave of the old Wilderness Adventure, north towards the water, west along the water, south and then east.  We went through Ontario Place, then Trillium Park before heading west along Lakeshore Blvd, before finishing back at Ontario Place.  It was a fabulous walk!

And they did!
Thanks for the water!
And I'm done the 5km!

There was water and fruit at the finish line.

Time to grab a mug and get some beer!  There were four beer tickets attached to my bib and two more for the Beer Store onsite.

There was quite a crowd and a fun vibe.

City Soul entertained and they were good!

Anyone who wanted to got up on start for the last song ... of course, I did!

It was a fun time and I'll be back next year.  But I think they underestimated the size of the crowd.  The line-ups for food was brutal!  I got in the Pie Commission line-up for a jerk pie.  I stayed in the line for about 15 minutes and there were about four people ahead of me ... but the line never moved.  They too busy catching up serving pies to the many people who had bought them already.  I finally gave up.  Many of the beer vendors started running out of beer around 2pm and some vendors were completely done by 3pm.

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Teresa said...

Looks like fun! Perfect weather too.