Wednesday 18 September 2019

Toronto Corporate Run And Walk 2019, Toronto, ON

This evening I participated in the Toronto Corporate Run and Walk.  It's the first time I'd done it and I was part of the team of the company I work for.

37 anniversary after work wellness event for companies of all shapes and sizes! Best value business networking and fitness in one place with live music, entertainment and Corporate camaraderie.

It was held at Ontario Place.

The Yonge Originals were playing when I got there about 5:45pm.

Before we started the 5km, everyone was encouraged to stretch and warm up.

The 5km was scheduled to start at 6:30pm.  The runners were herded up to the start first.  I thought it was odd where the starting line was as it bunched everyone up the stairs.  At the Famous Canadian Beer Run on Saturday, we started in about the same spot but were directed there differently.

 And they're off!

Then the walkers started ... I was part of this group.  It was a lovely walk around Ontario Place to Trillium Park to Coronation Park, then back to Ontario Place through Trillium Park.

These two held hands throughout the whole 5km
I did the 5km walk in about an hour

The Yonge Originals were playing when I got back.

Everyone was given a food ticket (pasta salad) and a beer ticket ... my beer tasted good!  You could buy more beer tickets if you wanted (I didn't).

Awards were given out.

And the Yonge Originals would play again until 9pm.

I left just after 8pm ... it was a nice walk home.

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Teresa said...

Looks like a fun event.