Friday 20 September 2019

Delta Hotel, Thunder Bay, ON

I spent last night at the Delta Hotel in Thunder Bay.  I chose to stay here because it's on the water and I figured the view would be nice.

Here was my room.

 My view yesterday afternoon  ...

My view this morning around 7am was nice ...

The room had a mini fridge, a couple bottles of complimentary water, coffee maker, etc.  The bed was comfy.  WIFI was complimentary and it was good.

There is a restaurant in the hotel.  I was going to have supper there last evening but, though the restaurant was fairly empty, it took a while to be seated.  Nothing on the menu grabbed me (it was pretty pricey) so I went elsewhere.

I was surprised at how cut off the hotel is.  On the map, it looks like it would be easy to walk to nearby restaurants ... but there is a train track separating the hotel from them.  There are only two ways to get across the track ... a five minute walk left to get to a road that crosses the tracks or a five minute walk right which takes you to a sketchy bridge that goes over the road.  I came back over the bridge last night, which was kind of scary as it was getting dark out.

Parking is $19 for valet parking or free if you park in the lot about a five minute walk away (which I did).