Saturday 7 April 2018

Saturday - Varadero, Cuba

Today is Sister Sarah's and my last day in Varadero.

We spent the morning at the beach.  It was hot and humid so it was a good place to be.

Not a bad view as I was laying on my lounger

We spent the week eating at the buffet restaurant, which I didn't find very good.  The à la carte restaurants don't take reservations and there has been 45 minute wait so we haven't bothered.  I stopped by the Italian restaurant about 7pm this evening and asked if we could eat at 8pm and they took our "reservation".  Yay!

I got bruschetta as my appetizer.  It was good.

I ordered chicken parm with spaghetti with Carbonara sauce.  It too was tasty.  There was a lot of spaghetti and I couldn't finish it all.

I got ice cream for dessert but only had a few bites as I was really full.

It was the best meal I had here so it was a nice way to end our vacation!

After we watched the entertainment show (it was a good magic show), we posed for a photo op!

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Mandy Rocca said...

AWE You guys have sooo much fun together!! :) It looks like Sarah-Lynn is burnt on face and chest! I can see it from here!! LOL Too bad it has to end!!! :)