Sunday 8 April 2018

Book ~ "Last Song Sung" (2018) David A. Poulsen

From Goodreads ~ On February 28, 1965, a young singer named Ellie Foster stepped into the alley behind The Depression, a Calgary folk club where she shared the bill with Joni Anderson, later to become famous as Joni Mitchell. During a cigarette break in the back alley, Ellie was forced into a car and the musicians with her were shot and killed. The investigation that followed turned up no sign of the kidnappers and Ellie Foster was never seen again. 

Now, more than fifty years after the singer’s disappearance, Ellie’s granddaughter approaches Cullen and Cobb to try to find out what happened to her grandmother. The search for the truth about Ellie Foster takes the two investigators straight into the past. They find themselves investigating a failed political assassination and discover that there are those who will stop at nothing, even a half-century later, to ensure that certain secrets remain untold.

Adam Cullen is a freelance writer/former newspaper journalist and Mike Cobb is an ex-cop, now a private detective.  Mike has been hired to find Ellie Foster, a folk singer from Ontario who disappeared more than fifty years ago.  She had been performing at a club in Calgary and had gone outside for a smoke with the members in her band.  They were shot and Ellie was dragged into a car, never to be seen again.  Ellie's granddaughter would like to know what happened to her grandmother.  Mike and Adam aren't sure if they will find anything after all these years but they are willing to try.

I liked the writing style and liked this story.  It is written in first person perspective in Adam's voice.  The editing could have been tighter, though, as there are some typos.  Plus Jay, a character from the past, is referred to as "Clay".  As a head's up, there is swearing.

I like that this story is set in Calgary and the author doesn't try to hide the fact that the story is happening in Canada.  There are numerous references to Calgary, plus Mike and Adam travel to Ottawa.  In addition, there are many many references to Canadian musicians as Adam is a big music fan and has quite an extensive collection of Canadian music.

I liked the characters and their interactions ... Adam and Mike, Adam and Jill (Adam's girlfriend of almost a year), Adam and Kyla (Jill's young daughter) and we meet Mike's family.

This is the third and latest in the Cobb and Cullen series and I've read them all.  Hopefully there will be future books in the series.

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