Sunday 22 April 2018

GDous Juicy Chicken House, Toronto, ON

I had lunch today at GDous, a Shanghai fried chicken chain on Spadina Avenue just north of Queen Street W.  They recently opened but apparently haven't had their official opening yet.

A lot of their menu items aren't available.  I ordered the Crispy Chicken Steak combo.  I was told it would take 7 minutes to make but it was actually 25 minutes.  The fries were kind of cold.  The chicken was good.  It looked like a boneless chicken breast until I got to the end, which was hidden in the bag, which was actually just bones.  Surprising considering the cost plus that's what the pictures on the wall look like.  I would be inclined to make it a boneless chicken breast.

There is a poster on the wall that says if you post pictures of your meal online, it's "buy one get one free" ... which actually is a lie.  If you post pictures of your meal, they will give you a chicken wing.  Yes, a scrawny chicken wing.  Though my meal was okay, I didn't see myself rushing back anytime soon so I didn't push it for them to fulfill their promise.

The cashier was really friendly but not overly knowledgeable.  When I asked about the sauces, he said he thought one in a container was ketchup when it was hot sauce.

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