Thursday 26 April 2018

Book ~ "Purrfection: How to Achieve Balance and Happiness Through Your Cat" (2018) Sophie Macheteau

From Goodreads ~ Cats can be the perfect remedy for today's stressful life. They fascinate us, amuse us and melt our hearts: how can one resist those big eyes and that furry little face? 

Discover dozens of ways to draw on the power of cats to help us relax and to reinforce this special feline bond that brings us so much well-being. Downloadable audio offers 30 minutes of various cats purring so you can take advantage of that soothing sound wherever you are, even if you don't have a cat (yet)! 

I love reading books about animals and that's why this one caught my eye.  The kitty on the cover is sooooo cute and kind of looks like Muffin, one of our kitties.

The book covers a variety of things about cats:

  • The history of cats
  • Interesting places you'll find cats (cat cafes, Kitty Island, designer cat house, etc.)
  • Cats' superpowers (hearing, sight, smell, etc.)
  • Connecting with cats (purring, meowing, purr therapy, etc.)
  • Signs of love (kneading, stretching, fun activities to share, yoga poses while holding your cat, etc.)
  • Online sites (dating for animal lovers, selfie app for cats, tracking your cat, etc.
  • Patterns for DIY feline accessories (shirts, notebook and a totebag)

Throughout the book, there are many colour photographs of cats, poems, sayings and tidbits of information about cats.  The book is well-laid out and attractive.

This book is good for anyone who has a cat or who loves cats.  If you don't already have a cat, it may convince you to get one.

Please note the link to the audio doesn't currently work.

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