Thursday 5 April 2018

Thursday - Varadero, Cuba

Sister Sarah and I had a quiet lazy day.

After breakfast, we headed to the beach where we spent the morning.  The water was lovely!

Sister Sarah is in the water
There she is!
The view from our loungers
Yep, those are my toes!

We had lunch at the snack bar at the beach.

Our view during lunch

Then we spent a couple hours at the pool.

Here's the view from my terrace this evening.  We are with a group out of Halifax so Sister Sarah and I brought our Nova Scotia flags for our terraces.

Shaydid, a band from Halifax, is along with us and are playing four times this week ... this evening was their third night.  They were supposed to play from 6pm to 8pm but the resort asked them to play from 9pm to 11pm and be the show for the night (instead of the usual animation team).  They are really good!

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