Tuesday 3 April 2018

Tuesday - Varadero, Cuba

I went for a long walk this morning.  My goal was to find the other beach, which is the larger of the two on the property.  I knew it was somewhere nearby but hadn't come across it.

Found it!
I walked to the far end
Then I headed back
The smaller beach is indeed smaller but I find it cozier

I spent some time chillin' on the smaller beach (and finished the afternoon at the pool).

Shaydid played their second show this evening.

This fella from PEI planned a surprise proposal to his girlfriend ... they were on my flight on Sunday.

To lure her onto the stage, Crystal said that she had won a prize.  Here he comes!

She said yes!

Shaydid played some more.

Faith of Niche Travel Group, who organized the trip, let us know that a special supper was arranged for our group at the buffet restaurant at the smaller beach.

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Teresa said...

happy Holidays, enjoy your time in the sun.