Tuesday 4 April 2017

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Tuesday

I took a long walk along the beach this morning.  There is a lot of seaweed that washes in every day and it's a never ending job for the workers to clean it up.

It was a red-flag day at the beach (so no swimming is recommended because of the rough waters).

I chilled in a lounger by the beach for a while.

Then headed to the pool.  I ran into Sister Sarah, Barry and Trudy.

I had lunch at the buffet restaurant near the pools.  It was good.

About 1pm, there was an east coast kitchen party poolside with Damian Follett starting (the theme of this vacation is "east coast kitchen party").

He was set up between the two pools which made for a cool spot (literally) for everyone to watch.

Trudy and Barry had the right idea ... relaxing in the pool and listening to the tunes.

Later Karla Pilgrim and Bobby Currie joined Damian.

Trudy, Dan, me and Darlene
Darlene, Trudy, Dan and I

Here is the crowd in the pool (mostly made up of our group) singing along to the last song, Barrett's Privateers.

On my way back to my room, I met a new friend.

Sister Sarah, Darlene, Steve, Trudy, Barry, Dan and I had supper at the Italian restaurant tonight.  Sister Sarah, Darlene and I split a pizza as our appetizer.  It was good.

I had lasagna as my main.  It was also good.

By this time, I was full so passed on dessert.

There was traditional Mexican entertainment in the lobby bar tonight along with some vendors if you wanted teeshirts, bags, jewelry, etc.


Teresa said...

Looks lie the weather is nice and the company is good. Enjoy.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Looks like a wonderful place to relax!