Friday 7 April 2017

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Friday

When I looked out from my balcony about 9am this morning, there were three monkeys!

One of the workers gave them bananas

On my way to breakfast, I came across a couple coatis having a disagreement.  I had an apple so threw it to the bigger one to distract it.

And there was a big lizard lounging on the steps to the buffet restaurant.

Lots of critter sightings within a half hour!

I walked to the beach and spent some time relaxing on a lounger.

The final east coast kitchen party was this afternoon from 12:30pm to 3:30pm by the pool (the theme of this vacation is "east coast kitchen party").  Bobby Currie started off, then Karla Pilgrim and Damian Follett sang together and then Bobby Currie came back and they played together.  Another fun time!

It was a great way to end my last day!

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