Monday 3 April 2017

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Monday

I woke up early and went for a 2km walk.  Then I changed and headed to a chair by the beach and read for a couple hours.

I ran into Sister Sarah and we hung out by the pool for a while.

Sister Sarah

Lunch time!  We ate outside at the restaurant near the pool.

About 1:30pm, there was an east coast kitchen party down on the beach with Karla Pilgrim, Damian Follett and Bobby Currie playing (the theme of this vacation is "east coast kitchen party").

After they stopped playing about 3:30pm, I headed back to my room to shower and relax.  I hung my Nova Scotia flag onto my balcony.

As I was doing that, some Newfoundlanders across the way saw me and hung up their flag.

Sister Sarah, Darlene, Steve, Trudy, Barry, Dan and I had supper at the Japanese restaurant.  The first course was sushi (which I passed on) and the second course was a miso soup (which I also passed on).

Guileramo was our chef and entertainer for the evening.  He was funny and flirty.

"Paula" the rice
I đź’—you

He added "gasolina" and "tequila" to the onion and lit it on fire.

He served us our rice.

Darlene, Steve, Barry and Trudy
Sister Sarah and Dan

Then he cooked the meat.  Trudy, Darlene and I aren't lovers of seafood so he cooked the chicken and beef first.

Then he cooked salmon and shrimp to add to Sister Sarah, Barry, Steve and Dan's meals.

The food was delicious and filling and as I said, Guileramo was entertaining.

For dessert, there was deep-fried ice cream.  Yum!

At 8pm, there was an east coast kitchen party in the lobby with Karla Pilgrim, Damian Follett and Bobby Currie playing again.

After that, there was some local talent playing songs.

Another fun action-packed day!

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