Friday 28 April 2017

Golden Gloves Finals - Live Boxing, Mississauga, ON

Tonight there was live boxing in Mississauga ... the Golden Gloves Finals ... and Gord, Trish and I were there.

11 Stories to be told 
11 Plots will unfold 
22 fighters: 
Tonight is more than just a sport.

My friend, Yvette Raposo, was the ring announcer.  I met Yvette in 2004 when she became my trainer and Trish and I joined her boxing classes (Yvette is a former boxer) when she started them not long after that.

Here are some pictures of the night ...

George Chuvalo and his pals.
George is a retired Canadian professional boxer who was a five-time 
Canadian heavyweight champion,  and two-time world 
heavyweight title challenger.
If you want to take boxing classes, you should check out Yvette

During the intermission, George Chuvalo was on hand to sign have his picture taken with fans and sign autographs for donations for his charity, the George Chuvalo Research Group, which helps to teach kids about the dangers of drug abuse and helps to build half way homes for drug addicts.

Yvette and George
Trish and George
Me and George
Gord and George
Gord had George sign a picture of him and Muhammad Ali.
George is best known for his two fights against Ali (he 
went the distance both times).  The first fight, 
on March 29, 1966, was for Ali's world title. 
"He's the toughest guy I ever fought", said Ali of George
after the fight.

And here were are ...

It was a fun night!  Boxing is very much alive and active in Ontario and you should check it out!

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