Saturday 3 December 2016

David Wilcox and Kim Mitchell, Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ON

The Phoenix Concert Theatre has been providing music for 25 years and to celebrate they had a performance tonight with David Wilcox and Kim Mitchell.

Gord and I had bought tickets on the balcony level.  We discovered it was worth the extra money for the balcony tickets because on the main floor, there is no seating and it was jammed (it holds almost 1,400 people) ... so we'd be standing for four hours.  On the balcony, there is seating and we got there early enough to get a couple seats in the front row.  Sweet!

Looking down from the balcony

David Wilcox came on right at 8pm and played for an hour.  Gord and I are big Wilcox fans and he is the reason we bought our tickets.  And he didn't disappoint!  He played some of his older songs that everyone knew and loved and sang along to.  He was awesome, as usual.  We could have watched him for a few more hours!

He gets right into his songs and his expressions are fun!

Kim Mitchell came on at 9:30pm and played for just over an hour.  He started with some Max Webster (a group he was in back in the 1970s and 1980s) songs and then some of his own.  I've been aware of his music (I'm not a fan but I'm not not a fan of his ... know what I mean?) and knew all the songs.  He put on a good show.

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