Friday 30 December 2016

Book ~ "Dad Is Fat" (2013) Jim Gaffigan

From Goodreads ~ In "Dad is Fat", stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan, who’s best known for his legendary riffs on Hot Pockets, bacon, manatees and McDonald's, expresses all the joys and horrors of life with five young children - everything from cousins ("celebrities for little kids") to toddlers’ communication skills (“they always sound like they have traveled by horseback for hours to deliver important news”) to the eating habits of four year olds (“there is no difference between a four year old eating a taco and throwing a taco on the floor”). 

I've been reading some heavy books lately and wanted to read something light and fun and I figured this book would do the trick ... and it did.

It is written by actor/comedian Jim Gaffigan and is his musings of his life as a husband, the father of five children (then aged eight to newborn) and living in a two bedroom apartment in New York City.

I liked the writing style and found it and his stories amusing.  I'm childfree by choice and can't imagine taking care of five young children.

Despite his stories about the trials and tribulations of having that many kids, it's obvious he loves them.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I really like this comedian but haven't read this yet (although I did read others from him).

Happy new year, Teena!