Saturday 17 December 2016

Book ~ "Boomer's Bucket List" (2016) Sue Pethick

From Goodreads ~ When her cuddly canine companion, Boomer, is diagnosed with a rare heart condition, Jennifer Westbrook decides to take a leave of absence from her busy PR job - and take Boomer on the greatest road trip of his life.

Charting a course from Chicago to California, Jennifer plans some pet-friendly pit stops for her four-legged friend, including a dog show, a fire hydrant museum and a factory full of squeaky toys. But when she tries to sneak Boomer into a NASCAR press box - disguised as her seeing-eye dog - Jennifer’s cover is blown by a curious but very cute reporter named Nathan Koslow.

Boomer takes an instant shine to Nathan, unlike the other men in Jennifer’s life. When the charming journalist asks to join them on their journey, she can’t say no. But when she learns that someone has created a website called “Boomer’s Bucket List” - and it’s gone totally viral - the trip takes a wildly unexpected turn for Jennifer, Nathan and the dog who brought them together.

It almost seems as if Boomer’s last wish is that his two favorite humans fall madly, deeply, in love.

Jennifer is a busy successful PR professional in Chicago.  Besides work, the only thing she has in her life is her dog, Boomer.  When Boomer is diagnosed with a heart condition and is given a month to live, Jennifer decides to spend this last bit of time with Boomer.  She takes a leave of absence from her job, goes offline and takes Boomer on a road trip to California.

Nathan is a journalist who is delivering his brother's car to him in California.  Nathan and Jennifer's paths keep crossing and circumstances occur that lead them to travel together.

In the meantime, the PR company that Jennifer works for has put up a website called "Boomer's Bucket List" and is encouraging readers to post pictures of Boomer's adventures along the way ... but they have to do it secretly and not get caught by Jennifer to win a prize.

This is the first book I've read by this author and I thought it was okay.  I like reading stories about animals and that's why this book caught my eye.  It is written in third person perspective with the focus on Jennifer and Nathan (or both), depending on what was going on.  It's a feel-good story about Boomer having fun but also about Jennifer and Nathan resolving issues from their past.

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