Friday 12 February 2016

Boomerluxe Box - February 2016

My February Boomerluxe box arrived today.

A Boomerluxe subscription box is a package of unique, fun and quality retail products sent directly to you on a recurring, monthly basis. 

The value of your Boomerluxe box is a far greater value than the cost of your subscription. 

A Boomerluxe box will always include five products, one from each of their themed categories (a fashion gift, a beauty gift, a sexuality gift, a wellness gift and a technology gift).

Subscriptions are $34.99 for one month or $199 for six months.

Here's what was inside ...

O'My Pleasure Gel - $11.99 value
Sundrops Skin Polish - $20.99 value
Lace Sockettes - $2.99 value
Rhinestone purse hook - $8.99 value
Zaya All Natural Skin Oil - $12.99 value
Grapefruit and rosemary - this smells and feels nice!

There were two bonus items ...

JaxCoco Coconut Water - $25 value
and a $25 gift certificate from Rent.Frock.Repeat

Total value:  $85.94

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