Saturday 20 February 2016

Book ~ "Weird Sh!t: True Stories to Shock, Stun, Astound and Amaze" (2016) Mark Leigh

From Goodreads ~ Did you know? Salvador Dali sometimes wore a perfume of fish glue and cow dung to attract his then girlfriend, Gala. Have you heard, seen, or read about something so bizarre and incredible that it leaves you bamboozled for the rest of the day? 

No? Then you haven't read "Weird Sh!t". 

This eclectic and eccentric mix of news stories, events, concepts and conceits reveals a world removed from reality as you know it. Prepare to depart from this seemingly conventional life and arrive at a destination full of downright weird and wonderful shit.

This book has bite-sized bits of information about animals, crime and punishment, the law, religion, weird leaders, entertainment, the rich and famous, and more.

Though an entertaining read, there are no sources for the information so it's hard to know if the info is true or not.  In the book, the author said that Charles Manson had auditioned for the Monkees.  I found this hard to believe so went online to confirm ... and it's not true.  So it this isn't true, it makes me wonder what else isn't?

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