Monday 1 February 2016

Book ~ "Shift Work" (2015) Tie Domi and Jim Lang

From Goodreads ~ From hockey’s most prolific fighter comes a sports memoir unlike any other - passionate, funny, and candid, "Shift Work" chronicles Domi’s sixteen tumultuous seasons in the NHL.

Making it through a single fight as an enforcer in the NHL is a sign of toughness. Making it through 333 of them is a mark of greatness. Whether it was on the ice or off it, Tie Domi was driven to be the best at his job and was gifted with an extraordinary ability to withstand pain. He made a career out of protecting the people around him and became known as someone who would stand up for the people who needed it most.

Raised by immigrant parents in Belle River, ON, Domi found success from an early age on the field and the rink. A gifted athlete in whatever sport he played, Tie eventually focused his sights on hockey. As he moved up the junior ranks, he made a name for himself as a player who was always ready to take on anyone who dared to cross his teammates.

Tie’s reputation followed him into the NHL, and it wasn’t long before he ranked among the game’s most feared - and fearless - enforcers. From New York to Winnipeg to Toronto, Tie quickly became a fan favourite in whatever city he played. As he went about working his name into the record books, Tie surrounded himself with people from every walk of life, learning from each one as he evolved into a respected leader who was never afraid to tell it like it was.

In "Shift Work", Tie recounts the ups and downs of his life on and off the ice, showing what he has learned and how he has grown as both a player and a person. He offers insight into the most memorable points of his career, sharing his successes and mistakes with unparalleled honesty. Shift Work shows Tie Domi as he is - a devoted father and friend, a valued and loyal team player, a magnetic personality, and an athlete of immense skill and courage.

I'm not a big fan of hockey but I like reading bios and thought reading Tie Domi's story would be interesting.

Tie Domi is a retired Canadian professional hockey player.  Known for his role as an enforcer, he played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets over a sixteen-year NHL career. He has more penalty minutes than any other player in the history of the Maple Leafs and third overall in penalty minutes in NHL history.

In the book, Domi gives a high level description about his life, from his beginnings as the son of Albanian immigrants who moved to Canada and settled outside of Windsor.  He was very good in sports and eventually focused on hockey.  He spent most of his years in the NHL as a player of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

My favourite chapter was chapter 11, in which he talks about how important it is to treat people well, regardless of who they are or what their job is.

I enjoyed the writing style.  Obviously there is a lot about hockey and his interactions with other players in this book but I didn't find it boring even though I'm not not a big hockey fan.  You'll especially enjoy this book if you are a hockey fan.

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