Sunday 13 December 2015

Toronto Raptors 96 - Philadelphia 76ers 76

I went to the Toronto Raptors game this evening.  The company I work for has a box and we had invited some clients and their guests.

The Raptors were playing the 76ers.

Here's the view from the box about an hour before the game started before everyone started coming in.

The players came out and started warming up.

Some kids sang the national anthems.

The players stretched some more.

The game is about the start and the Raptor, the mascot, waved the flag.  There was a cool light show and fireworks.

And the game began ...

The 50/50 draw was $6,650.

Alas, I didn't win it.

The Raptors won 96 - 76.  Yay!

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