Sunday 20 December 2015

Boomerluxe Box - December 2015

At the beginning of December, I read about Boomerluxe boxes in the Toronto Star.

A Boomerluxe subscription box is a package of unique, fun and quality retail products sent directly to you on a recurring, monthly basis. 

The value of your Boomerluxe box is a far greater value than the cost of your subscription. 

A Boomerluxe box will always include five products, one from each of their themed categories (a fashion gift, a beauty gift, a sexuality gift, a wellness gift and a technology gift).

I like getting subscription boxes and I'm 50+ so I got myself a six month subscription.  My first Boomerluxe box arrived today.

I ignored the "Don't Open Yet!" sticker ... ha!

Here's what was in it ...

Satin Eye Mask - $10.99 value
5 in 1 USB Charging Cable - $12.99 value
Jeanne Lottie Holiday Clutch - $19.50 value
Lavender Canada All Natural Lavender Dryer Bag - $8 value
I used it when I washed our bedding ... smells nice!
Bdellium Tools L'il Red Lip Crayon - $13.95 value

Total value:  $65.43

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Seana said...

Thank you for taking the time to do this Teena! We are working hard to find fun and useful products for women like us. Keep up the great work.

Seana & Carla