Sunday 3 November 2013

The National Women's Show, Toronto, ON

The National Women's Show is in town this weekend at the Metro Centre.  It's been a few years since I've been and I checked it out this afternoon.  Admission was $15.

The ultimate girl’s day out!
Shop ‘til you drop at over 450 exhibits and find everything from food and wine sampling, fashion shows, celebrity guests, free makeovers, health, wellness & beauty secrets, cooking demos, home renovation advice and travel ideas!

Make a day of it!
Bring your friends, sister, daughter or mom and be entertained doing everything you love. Enjoy great deals and show specials, shop for well-known brands or find a unique piece of clothing or jewellery at one of the many boutique exhibits. Experiment with a new look, ask the experts for advice about hairstyles, make-up and fitness and see fashion shows for the latest style trends for night, day, work or play! Experience all the fun.

Check out the latest products just for women!
Discover innovative new products and learn about services available just for women. Sample the latest beauty products, buy the newest kitchen gadgets plus arrive early for your goodie bag! It's filled with great samples and information about amazing promotions and giveaways available only at the show! Goodie bag quantities are limited and only while supplies last.

It opened at 10am and by the time I got there at 11am, there were no goodie bags left.

There were various zones:
  • Fashion & Style District - Discover the latest fashions from classic suits to elegant gowns, jewelry, chic eyewear, beauty products and luxurious lingerie! 
  • Health & Wellness Zone - Staying healthy is key! Explore alternative health options, vitamin supplements, cosmetic procedures and massage therapy. Get the facts on breast cancer, osteoporosis, diet, nutrition and more. 
  • Travel, Fitness & Leisure Zone - Encompassing the latest in fun and relaxation, this zone has everything from golfing and fitness clubs to adventure sports and spa retreats! Learn about the benefits of yoga or how to fit a cardio workout into your busy schedule. Or perhaps plan your next holiday with the help of the travel pros, and take advantage of fantastic show specials on flights and accommodation! 
  • World of Taste - Sip and sample your way through the World Of Taste, discovering new food and beverage products, entertainment ideas and wholesome recipes for last minute meals to gourmet dishes! 
  • Business & Career Centre - Starting your own business or making a career move? Discover the services you need to get started from training programs and continuing education to money management, franchise opportunities and investing strategies. 
  • Home Reno Zone - Don't be afraid to take on the task of renovating and freshening up your home. Take advantage of the Home Reno Zone to find all the resources you need to spruce up your surroundings. Talk with window experts, find out how to get your closet organized or pick the perfect accessories for your home. 
  • Organic Living Zone - Because you want the best for you and your family we have gathered a fantastic group of companies that sell organic and natural products. Find a a variety of organic skin care and beauty products, cosmetics, baby care, local and organic foods, along with eco-fashion and accessories, sustainable home furnishings and more! We're passionate about helping you make healthy choices that will keep you looking beautiful, and feeling good. 
  • Grand Sud Bistro - A day at The National Women's Show isn't complete until you make your way to the Grand Sud Bistro to taste test new, refreshing wines and spirits. Here you will discover that Grand Sud is one of the world’s most appreciated French wines ... along with many other wine offerings. Enjoy!

It was jammed when I got there and jammed when I left 2.5 hours later.  It was hard to walk down some aisles so you needed patience.

People were waiting 10+ minutes for a free sample of yogurt, a tiny pizza of frozen pizza, a tablespoon of rice and sauce, etc.  That's crazy ... I didn't get in those lines.  I did get some samples like cereal, chocolate, soap, etc. but at the places that had no lines.

Frozen pizza samples
Lots waiting to get their nails done for free
Big line to spin the wheel to win a prize
PGX samples

Here is a sampling of some of the products and services ...

Free hair cuts
Wooden roses
That's a lotta meat!
I bet these healthy cookies tasted ... healthy
Belgium chocolates by Lia Chocolate
By Lia Chocolate ... I'd be too busy eating the pieces to play!
Apparently it's THAT easy to lose weight ... while you're sleeping!
I had bought a diffuser online from Harmonious Mind a couple months ago
The diffuser I'd bought is the one with the red light
I'm addicted to scented candles and tarts and had a fun chat with Kelly Dafoe of Gold Canyon
This healthy cookies tasted ... healthy
The hand cream did smell like cake!
I'll have this cereal for breakfast tomorrow
Tova's lavender soap smelled amazing!

I only bought a couple things.  I can't resist chocolate covered marshmallows so bought 3 for $5 from Templeman's Fine Chocolates.

I also bought a couple bracelets from My Elixir and had a nice chat with the owner, Julie, and her daughters.

I bought a bracelet for Calm, Peace & Joy (This Elixir is created from carefully selected gemstones and crystals that focus on calming you and bringing peace and joy into your life. It works by dissolving negativity and restoring peace and harmony to your body, while cleansing the heart chakra and bringing a new zest for life. This Elixir helps to balance both sides of the brain, which can lift depression and encourage hope.).

The other one I bought was for Healthy Living (This Elixir is created from carefully selected gemstones and crystals that focus on weight loss. We have chosen stones that help speed up the metabolism, suppress appetite, reduce carbohydrate cravings, support detoxification, and help to reduce fatty deposits in the body.).

They came with pretty glass containers to store them.

There were stages set up for speakers.

Melody Thomas Scott of The Young and the Restless was supposed to be on at 1:30pm ...
she still wasn't there when I left about 10 minutes later.

The Grand Sud Bistro was a popular spot if you wanted to try some wine (sample tickets were $1 ... samples were one or more tickets)

Looks like a successful day for these ladies.

I'm glad I checked it out as I came home with some stuff.  It was a bit too busy and crowded for my liking, though.


Unknown said...

I was there on Saturday! We got there bright and early and got a goodie bag. There were a lot of... goodies in it! Even something for the cats and dogs of the family. Did you get the skinny cow wafers? They were handing out boxes of them like they were nothing. I got my hands on four boxes, LOL! My friends and I came home with so much stuff.

You're right. The lineups for some of the samples were ridiculous. I had my back turned as I was talking to my friend in line for something and didn't realize I "cut" someone in line when I took a step back and some woman yelled at me. Some of these women really want their free things, I guess.

It was really busy, but I had a good time and I'd go back.

Unknown said...

Oops. Commenting on another email account, but this is Kat (and Beamer).


Masshole Mommy said...

That sounds like an awesome show with lots of great swag. There is a similar show in Boston every fall, but it's not worth the hassle of getting into the city and paying an arm & a leg for parking.