Wednesday 27 November 2013

Book ~ "Happy Hormones, Slim Belly" (2013) Jorge Cruise

From Goodreads ~ Carb Cycle Based on Hormonal Stages 

For women over 40, weight loss can be a nightmare with fluctuating hormones and unbearable cravings. Contrary to the conventional wisdom of slashing calories and spending hours at the gym, breakthrough science has confirmed that cutting sugar for two days, then adding it back for five days, will keep your insulin low, which cuts belly fat, and your serotonin high, which makes you happy. Slim, Happy Belly is the perfect guide to balance your hormones, turn your metabolism to fat-burning mode, and get your mood soaring day after day with the proven Carb Cycling Plan. 

This book will uncover why weight loss for women has been difficult and give you the solution that matches your hormonal stage.

I'm always interested in reading books about getting healthy and losing weight.  This one attracted me because it's directed at women over 40.

The contents include:
  • The irony - how to be happy and slim
  • The key to a slim belly
  • The key to happy hormones
  • The solution - your carb cycling plan
  • Recipes
  • The food lists
  • The blissful workout
  • FAQs

There are lots of books about weight loss programs out there.  The premise of this one is directed at women because of hormonal changes are we get older.

This one is about carb cycling ... you have two "slim days" and five "happy days".  You spend two days a week strictly limiting "sugar calories" such as carbs and then you cycle back into the right kind of "sugar calories" in the right amounts for the other five days  ... the author explains what a sugar calorie is and provides sample meal plans, recipes and shipping lists.  You will apparently have increased energy, elevated feelings of happiness and rapid weight loss and fat burning.

The guarantee of this program is "lose 7lbs the first week and then 2 lbs weekly".  The author includes lots of scientific data to back up his plan.

There are lots of stories from people who have tried it to inspire you.

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Masshole Mommy said...

Sounds like this book is packed with great info.