Monday 11 November 2013

Book ~ "Voices: A Coaching Story to Inspire Your Future" (2013) Aileen Gibb

From Goodreads ~ VOICES is a coaching book on how the right questions illuminate choices, possibilities and pathways that you may not otherwise pay attention to in your life and work. 

Written as a series of connected stories, interwoven with perspectives on the future of business and leadership, one of the stories may mirror a crossroads or decision point on your own path, or one of the questions may call to be explored and answered in your own life. 

Simply and elegantly written, VOICES reflects the author's twenty years as an exceptional master-level coach and invites you to hear the unspoken questions which will open up your future.

I like reading books that make me think about how to make my life better.

This book starts with Tashia being approached by Ghoy on behalf of the council of the Future Guides.  The Future Guides are building a new community since how they once ruled no longer fits the need.  Tashia has been chosen to discover what people need.

The book alternates between conversations between Tashia and Ghoy and the Future Guides and the various people Tashia helps out.  Each has a lesson to learn including awareness, acceptance, etc. that we could all use in our lives.  It encourages you ask questions and reflect.

The style is different in that it has the element of fantasy with the Future Guides which took me a while to get used to ... the stories bring it back down to earth again.

Funds from the book sales will be going to support people going through cancer to access complementary therapies such as acupuncture, which are proven to mitigate the extreme fatigue and other side-effects of cancer treatments.


Masshole Mommy said...

I definitely want to read this one.

Unknown said...

Hello Teena,
On behalf of Aileen Gibb and Book Marketing Services, I would like to thank you for hosting Aileen today on Teena in Toronto. She has been looking forward to reading your review of VOICES. If any of your followers have any questions and/or comments they would like to share with Aileen, please leave them in the comment box. She will be by later in the day to respond to everyone.
Please join Aileen tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th, when she will be the guest blogger on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog where she will discuss the four elements for successful writing.
Anyone interested in having a 2 hour personal coaching session with Aileen; she is having a giveaway during her tour. 1st prize is an autographed copy of VOICES plus 2 hours of personal, one-on-one coaching; 2nd and 3rd prizes are autographed copies of VOICES. You can enter through the link on Aileen’s Facebook page (look for VOICES Giveaway next to the Likes) or on her website