Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Earls Kitchen & Bar, Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg has more snow than we do in Toronto and it's just as freezing cold.

I had supper tonight at Earls. We don't have them in Toronto and it's been years since I've been to one.

I had a pint of their house beer, Albino Rhino Honey Lager (made exclusively for them by Whistler Brewing Company).

It was tasty!

I had Jeera Chicken Curry (authentic spicy Indian curry, tender chicken, coconut jasmine rice and fresh baked naan bread).

It was good and spicy.

The restaurant was fairly busy considering it's a Tuesday night.

My server, Kelly, was great! She was fun to talk with.

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Teresa said...

Hope the curry warmed you up. Have a good trip.

M.Puig said...

Must be good. Thanks for always compliment my blog anniversary.

Tina said...

uw i might have my tea (supper to you guys!) early after seeing that!