Wednesday 8 December 2010

Book ~ "The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee" (2010) Sarah Silverman

From Amazon ~ Demonstrating that her penchant for swearing began at an early age, comedian Silverman begins her hilarious memoir by describing how, at age three, she gleefully responded to her grandmother's offer of brownies with shove 'em up your ass. Growing up in New Hampshire (where cows are well done and Jews are rare), Silverman naturally gravitated toward performing and moved to New York, where she attended and eventually dropped out of New York University to pursue a standup comedy career. Mixing show business moments (she wrote for Saturday Night Live for one season, but none of her sketches made it past dress rehearsal) with stories of her childhood and adolescence (punctuated by a persistent bedwetting problem), Silverman never shies away from poking fun at her own expense. Though she's best known for sexually explicit jokes, Silverman is able to address more serious subjects in the book without losing her edge, particularly her teenage struggle with depression and that her often abrasive public persona allowed her to say what I didn't mean, even preach the opposite of what I believed .... It was a funny way of being sincere.

I know who Sarah Silverman is but I don't know much about what she's done.

I saw her as Cameron Diaz's friend in Something About Mary.

She professes to be f*@#ing Matt Damon, which I thought was cute.

But that's all I know of her. Apparently she has a TV show but I've never heard of it. I like ready bios and thought this might be interesting.

Though I finished it, I can't say that I enjoyed it.

Since I'm not a fan, I guess that's why I found her story boring.

I'm not a prude but it seemed like every second word rhymed with "hunt" or "mothertrucker" ... it was a bit much.

If you are a fan of hers, you may enjoy it more than I did.

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