Tuesday, 21 December 2010

World junior hockey, Canada 4 - Sweden 1

The company I work for had box seats for tonight's exhibition world junior hockey game at the ACC between Canada and Sweden ... and I got two seats so Gord and I went.

Canada and Sweden warming up.

During the Canadian national anthem, this huge flag was passed among fans in the audience. Very cool!

Because we were in a box, we had all the hot dogs, wings, rib, chicken fingers, pizza, quesadillas, veggies, etc. we could eat.

Also, Natasha, our server, gave us as many beer as we could drink.

Here are Gord and I between the second and third periods.

Here are Neil, one of the fellas I work with, and I.

There were a lot of Canadian fans ... the ACC was a sea of red!

These fans had CANADA marked on their bodies!

Not a lot of Swedish fans ... here are a couple in yellow.

Canada won 4 - 1 ... yay!

The games start on Boxing Day (December 26) in Buffalo.

Go Canada!

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