Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year's Eve

In the nine New Years Eves we've spent together, Gord and I have only celebrated at a bar once. The other years (including our first), we've laid low at home.

This evening we watched the Canada - Sweden World Junior hockey game (alas, Canada lost).

Gord BBQed steaks and baked potatoes for supper which were delicious!

We had a bottle of 2004 Hillebrand Merlot wine with supper. We've had it for a couple years and it seemed fitting to have it tonight (it was a $35 bottle of wine).


Ringing in 2011 will have us watching it on TV (Halifax, Toronto and Niagara Falls), sharing a bottle of bubbly with Gord at midnight, and calling Sister Sarah to wish her a happy new year.


CapricornWoman said...

We never go out NYE...

Tina said...

we dont go out nye either. its all too expensive to pay into places and double price on taxis!