Sunday, 19 December 2010

Early Christmas with Gord's family

Yesterday afternoon Gord, Ken (Gord's son), KC and I drove to Gord's sister and brother-in-law's, Judy and Doug, to have an early Christmas celebration. They live north of Belleville (about 2.5 hours from Toronto).

The highway was fine until we hit Coburg and it got snowy and slippery.

When we turned off the highway, the road main road to Judy's wasn't much better.

We came across a car that had slid off the road and flipped.

There were lots of emergency vehicles to take care of it.

We got to Judy's safe and sound. Yay!

Doesn't their tree look nice?

They made a delicious supper ... ham, venison, mashed potatoes, gravy, yellow beans, pickles, beets, coleslaw, a cheese/broccoli casserole and corn.

Here we are after supper.

Minnie (Gord's mom) and Madison (Gord's grandniece/Minnie's great granddaughter)

Judy (Gord's sister) and Madison (her granddaughter)

Doug (Judy's husband)

Kyle (Judy and Doug's son/Madison's dad)

Kerri (Kyle's wife/Madison's mom)

Brother and sister ... Judy and Gord

Keith, Gord's stepdad

Madison playing with the noisy guitar we gave her ... hee hee hee

Ken (Gord's son), Gord, Minnie (Gord's mom) and Judy (Gord's sister)

Ken (Gord's son) and Keith (Gord's stepdad)

Madison and Kyle (daughter and dad)

Doesn't the tree look nice with the lights out?

We came back this afternoon. Again, it was snowing when we got to the main highway and slippery.

Before we left, Doug and Judy had made a delicious breakfast ... eggs, peameal bacon, refried potatoes and toast. Yum!

It was a fun time and, as always, it was good to see everyone.


BetteJo said...

Looks like everyone had a good time! I love the big bulbs on the tree. Not many people use them anymore and I think they're awesome!

Tina said...

what a lovely selection of family pics. ones to treasure im sure

Mom Knows Everything said...

Lovely Christmas photos!

CapricornWoman said...

Looks like a nice family day!

It's great buying other peoples kids noisy gifts isn't it! lol